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“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”
— -George Bernard Shaw

Valentina was born in Houston, Texas to a father whose meat skill knew no equal and a mother whose baking prowess could only be described as genius. At the age of three, she moved back to her native Argentina and was raised in a culinarily diverse environment with all the love and delicious food any young child could hope for. Her dear grandmother Maidi, La Abu,” instilled in Valentina a deep love and appreciation for food and the dinner ritual.

“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.”
— Paul Prudhomme

Ulises was born and raised in Santiago, Chile and also remembers the smell of empanadas and sponge cakes coming from his Abuelita Margarita’s kitchen while the entire familia was gathered around the dining room table. His family also instilled in him the idea that you have to work hard to achieve great things. This work ethic took him from selling candy at school and recycling newspapers and empty bottles to working for a 3 Michelin star restaurant in New York City and a leading global hotel chain.  

“Everything is better with chimi.”
— Che Garcia

One day, after an exhausting afternoon soaking up the sun in el rio in Carlos Paz, Valentina and a group of friends had worked up quite an appetite and decided to make an asadito. While her friends were busy starting the fire, Valentina decided to do a little snooping in her friend’s mom’s spice cabinet and hit the jackpot! Valentina was able to find all the necessary spices to craft the perfect chimichurri for the chicken they were about to grill. And so, her famous chimichurri recipe was born to share with family and friends!

“Put some chimi on it, cook it, thank me later.”
— Valentina Garcia Montaño

Valentina moved backed to the United States to Buffalo, NY, to be closer to her mom. She had her beautiful daughter Martina, with whom she shares her deep love and appreciation for food.

After obtaining his degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, Ulises was encouraged by the amazing friends he met in college to travel and see the world. This adventure took him to Walt Disney World, the Bahamas, Japan, China, Korea, NYC and eventually Buffalo, NY, the hometown of his lovely wife La Melaysa.

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.”
— James Beard

Valentina, an Argentinian, and Ulises, a Chilean, met while working together at Tempo restaurant (“Food with Passion”) in Buffalo. Ulises convinced Valentina that it wouldn’t be fair for the rest of the world not to enjoy her chimichurri.


Valentina Garcia-Montaño


Ulises Infante Garcia